The Foundation of Career Fulfillment with Maveron Partner Rebecca Kaden


  1. Rebecca Kaden shares the advice that led her to Maveron.

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  10. Employees — whether you have 500 or 15 — they all require PPE, equipment, tools, parts, and training. And all of these cost money. It’s all a bit overwhelming, isn’t it?

    Research confirms that tools and equipment costs are the second most difficult assets to control for businesses. Most (data for tools and equipment is) tools and equipment data is entered manually entered by your employees which is time consuming and introduces many opportunities for data entry errors. 59% of companies cited manual entry as their main asset tracking process.

    Your money and time is valuable, and Innova Zones appreciates that every type of business must increase profits and performance while ensuring safety and compliance.

    Innova Zones has engineered multiple platform solutions to help you optimize the management of your assets.

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    With Innova Zones platform solutions, you can spend less time managing your assets and have more time to get back to business.





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